Celebrating 30 Years of Serving Western Massachusetts

This year, we are celebrating 30 years of being a leading provider of heating and air conditioning sales and installations in western Massachusetts. Here’s a look back on our company’s history so far.

Early History

Girard Heating and Air Conditioning’s story begins when Steve Girard, the current president of our company, was in middle school. Steve often tagged along to jobs with his grandfather, who owned a heating and cooling company.

Steve eventually enrolled at Westfield State University but continued working during school breaks at his grandfather’s old shop. Realizing how much he knew about the industry, he took a summer job at Westside Air Conditioning.

“I had a great summer and loved what I was doing,” Steve said. “I decided to continue working and did not go back to college.”

After working as an installation foreman for another company, Steve decided to start his own business. Our doors first opened in Westfield in 1993, and since then, we have become the area’s premier installer of ductless Mitsubishi® Electric cooling and heating systems.

Changing Times

Steve brought his brother, Bob Girard, and his cousin, Jennifer Gagnon, into the business when it started, and about a decade later, the three became partners in the company.

“Having been a part of the business since its inception, I am so proud to see Girard thrive over the past 30 years,” Bob said. “I’m excited to see what future successes lie ahead for our business.”

One of the biggest changes Steve’s witnessed in the industry since 1993 has been all the new technology, like smart thermostats. He’s adapted our business many times to meet consumer demands and trends, such as the recent interest in heat pumps.

“It’s not like we came up with a recipe 30 years ago and just rode it out,” Steve said. “We come up with a plan for three or four years, then we have to scrap it and come up with a new one.”

Building a Legacy

Now, 30 years into running a successful business, Steve is evaluating his personal legacy.

“I’m proud of the guys I’ve trained over the years who are doing great things in the industry—they can track their lineage back to me, and that means a lot,” he said.

Steve also thinks about the families he and his team have served over the past three decades. He is committed to maintaining these relationships and building brand-new ones as the company continues to grow.

“We’ve got customers who are grandparents, and we took care of their kids and then their grandchildren,” he said. “I look at the generations of people we’ve helped, and in some instances, they almost feel like part of the family.”

If you’re searching for a home heating and cooling solutions provider that delivers efficient, cost-saving and reliable comfort for every season, contact us today.