Whether it’s the dead of winter and you need to warm up, or the hot summer months are making you wish for cooler indoor spaces, Mitsubishi Electric ducted heat pumps will provide you with the home comfort you’re looking for.

Comprised of a ducted indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit, these energy-efficient heat pumps provide heating and cooling to your home through a central ductwork system. A Mitsubishi Electric ducted indoor air handler can replace older and less efficient central units and furnaces and, paired with an outdoor condenser unit, can cool or heat your home using existing ductwork and vents.

High-Efficiency Cooling and Heating

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps use a proprietary INVERTER-driven compressor in the outdoor unit to restrict energy use to exactly what’s needed to cool or heat an indoor space. While many conventional central systems use compressors that can only be fully on and fully off, the INVERTER compressor is always running in the background, adjusting itself to meet a certain temperature. This allows the heat pump system to be extremely energy efficient, as it will only use the amount of energy it needs to meet a specific temperature.

Find a Solution That’s Right for You

If you’re seeking to upgrade your existing home heating and cooling system or are looking for a new solution, our experienced team will work alongside you to evaluate whether a ducted heat pump or ductless mini-split system is the best for your budget and needs.