Improve Airflow and Save Money with A Ceiling Fan

No matter the time of year, turning on a ceiling fan is one of the best methods for circulating air in a room. But did you know that you can improve airflow in a room and save money at the same time by combining a ceiling fan with a ductless cooling and heating system? In this blog, we explain the benefits of this combination and how we can help you install a ductless system that you won’t want to live without.

How Ceiling Fans Work

There are two main ways ceiling fans work: by creating a downdraft (the traditional, default method), or by creating an updraft. A ceiling fan creates a downdraft by turning the blades in a way that pushes air downward, making a room feel cooler. An updraft is created when the blades turn in a way that mixes the cooler air at the bottom of a room with the warmer that has risen to the ceiling, pushing the mixed air down and through the room and making it feel warmer. Here’s how you can leverage both of these functions with a ductless cooling and heating system to save money and improve overall airflow.

Air Conditioning

Without a doubt, ceiling fans help to make you feel cooler when used in a hot room, but they don’t actually help to lower the temperature of a room. In fact, the cooling sensation you feel when in a room with a ceiling fan is from the downdraft of air moving across your skin that evaporates your body’s sweat and pushes body heat away.

When used in a conjunction with air conditioning, a ceiling fan can help more evenly distribute some of the cool air within a room. This will allow you to operate your air conditioner at a lower setting and help you to save on energy bills in the long run.


Using a ceiling fan on updraft mode, alongside your home’s heating system, will help to evenly distribute air that might get stuck near the ceiling of a room. Just like combining a ceiling fan with an air conditioner, you will likely have to set your heating system to a less-intense setting, which will help save energy and lower your bills.

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