A Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Rebate

Mass Save® Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

When installing one of our Mitsubishi Electric systems, the vast majority of our customers will be eligible for the Mass Save Air Source Heat Pump Rebate. As a participating contractor in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN), we can help you claim this rebate of up to $10,000. Here’s how it works:

Identify Your Rebate Category

  • Whole-home rebates: If you plan to install heat pumps as the sole source of heating and cooling in your home, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $10,000.
  • Partial-home rebates: If you intend to keep your existing boiler or furnace while supplementing it with a new heat pump system, you can receive a rebate of $1,250 per ton, up to a maximum of $10,000, based on the equipment size (tonnage).

Schedule an Assessment

Once you’ve determined your project scope, we can help you schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. This assessment is a requirement for whole-home rebates and can earn customers pursuing partial-home rebates an additional $500 bonus. Depending on your preference and availability, the assessment can be conducted either on site or virtually. In either scenario, a qualified technician will evaluate your home’s energy usage, insulation and HVAC needs to determine the most suitable solution and potential energy savings.

Complete Your Project with Girard

With the assessment taken care of, it’s time for the project installation. Our trained experts will assist you with the latest installation techniques and get your home cooled down or warmed up fast with one of our Mitsubishi Electric systems.

Submit Your Rebate Application

Once the assessment and project installation are complete, it’s time to apply for your rebate. Need help getting started? Let us know; we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you have the necessary documentation and information to complete the application accurately and successfully claim your money.

Other Ways to Save

There are other ways we can help in addition to the Mass Save rebate process. For example, we can assist you in applying for a Mass Save HEAT Loan before installing your equipment. This loan offers 0% interest financing opportunities up to $50,000 for energy-efficient home upgrades. Not in a Mass Save® service area? No problem. We can also help you navigate the rebate process for Holyoke Gas & Electric, Chicopee Electric Light and other independent utility companies.

Give Us a Call. We’ll Simplify the Process.

Remember, we’re not just about providing exceptional products and services—we’re also dedicated to helping our customers make informed decisions and capitalize on available incentives. Let us be your guide to a more comfortable and affordable home environment. If you have any questions, contact us today.